Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Simply Beautiful Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors fully retract. In so doing, they seamlessly connect the inside with the outside and let in lots of natural light. Aluminium is a malleable material and extremely strong, which means less of it is needed to provide structural integrity. Even when closed, aluminium bi-fold doors provide outstanding sightlines and views.

Operationally, aluminium bi-fold doors present no issues. They slide back and forth smoothly along a designated rail and collapse into neat concertina-shaped panels that stack to the side to create panoramic vistas. Industry-leading safeguards incorporated into each profile capably protect anyone operating the door from harm.

Homeowners keen to modernise often gravitate toward aluminium bi-fold doors. The sleek design so intrinsic to this style of product effortlessly creates a minimalistic effect that’s hard to replicate in other styles of door. Aluminium is long-lasting too and continues to deliver high levels of performance many years after installation.

Make Access Easier with Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

When pulled back to its fullest extent, a bi-folding door creates a wide transition point that permits fluid movement. This avoids bottlenecks that might occur in cases where a less versatile door product is installed. Aluminium bi-fold doors are, therefore, perfect for busy homes frequently used for entertaining.

Aluminium bi-fold doors efficiently connect spaces. The inherently versatile nature of the bi-fold design makes it easy to open or close the door in question to create the desired effect. When shut, it will segregate the respective spaces. When retracted, it will link them together to create a more joined up feel.

During quieter times, aluminium bi-fold doors block out exterior noise. Thermal efficiency is guaranteed with this product range, thanks to the industry-leading technology built into our bi-folding doors’ profiles. The resultant effect will be a comfortable interior environment that can be enjoyed all year long.

Security and Safety Come as Standard

The aesthetic appeal of aluminium bi-fold doors makes them an enduring choice for discerning homeowners looking to add value to their property. However, this type of door supplies a host of other benefits that are often overlooked. When installed and designed properly, bi-folds provide superb security and adeptly prevent injury.

Although easy to open, aluminium bi-fold doors competently deflect attempts by intruders attempting to gain access. The innovative security mechanisms built into the profile of Style Superior’s bi-folds conform to all regulations and industry standards, which means they provide dependable protection for any property.

The durability of aluminium bi-fold doors makes them long-lasting. Unlike timber, aluminium won’t warp or rot when exposed to harsh weather elements. Instead, it will continue to deliver high-performance values long into the future. Less time consuming to maintain, aluminium bi-fold doors continue to rise in popularity UK-wide.

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Smart Systems Build Our Aluminium Doors

Customers considering investing in aluminium bi-fold doors will enjoy the benefits of the recently-launched Visifold range. Built by Smart Systems, this stunning door product delivers U-values of up to 1.5W/M²K and conforms in full to BS 6375-1:2009. This is due in part to the polyamide thermal break incorporated into the profile, which aids heat retention.

Visifold bi-folding doors reward homeowners with superior security delivered via multi-point locks and shoot bolts, resulting in a bi-fold door that’s close to impregnable. Contrastingly, the range of threshold options available ensure universal access, and can further-customised to provide superior levels of weather resistance to guarantee longevity.

Style Superior’s aluminium bi-fold doors can be customised to suit individual preferences. Although stunning in design, each profile can be coloured and coated in a woodgrain foil so that it stands out and suits the architectural appearance of the property in question. Please contact us with any technical questions about our Visifold bi-fold range.

Add Value with High-Performing Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Style Superior’s outstanding range of aluminium bi-folding doors makes homes more energy-efficient, safer and more secure. Their outstanding performance levels, coupled with stunning design, means they add market value.

Our portfolio of windows, conservatories, and associated products – such as carports and rooflines – enable us to support homeowners with short and large-scale projects. For pricing information, use our quoting tool.

Smart Colour Options

Velour White

Frost White




Mars Red

Basque Red

Sienna Brown

Cocoa Brown

Chestnut Brown

Sliver Grey

Diamond Grey

Platinum Grey

Desert Grey

Antique Grey

Vulcan Black

Obsidian Black

Provence Green

Olive Green

Antique Green

Amazon Green

Steel Blue

Ocean Blue

Sky Blue

Burford White

Bibury Stream

Bath Stone

Fairford Tile

Slad Stone

Bourton Cream

Cheltenham Stone

Painswick Grey

Moreton Ground

Cotswold Green

Tetbury Field

Wotton Olive

Chedworth Green

Westonbirt Leaf

Stroud Sky


Gloss White




Dark Brown


Dark Grey

Anthracite Grey

Textured Anthracite

Dark Blue

Dark Green

Dark Red


Golden Beach

Gold Pearl


Silver Grey

Titanium Grey

Storm Grey

Steel Grey


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