Rooflines Add Measurable Market Value

A roofline is always visible. When poorly maintained, it stands out. Hanging guttering or rotting wooden-soffits will be immediately identifiable and adversely affect the market value of the property in question. Contrastingly, investing in new soffits, fascias or cladding will give the roofline a much-needed lift and positively influence the home’s financial worth.

uPVC is typically used in the construction of a roofline. This hard-wearing and durable material adeptly repels the damage so often caused by harsh weather. It won’t degrade and will, instead, continue to preserve the roofline in the long-term. uPVC is less expensive than other materials available, making it a cost-effective choice for homeowners on a limited budget.

Installing a new or replacement roofline prevents costly repairs later. Prospective buyers will be drawn to the new fascias, soffits and guttering that complement the home’s exterior, while also protecting it from damage. Style Superior will be able to assess your roofline and recommend the best next step. Contact our team for more information or request a free quote.

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Reasons to Replace Your Cladding

Traditional timber cladding rots in response to water. If poorly maintained, it will provide inadequate protection. Contrastingly, uPVC cladding protects the walls and roof of a home by preventing moisture from invading and causing extensive damage. The upgraded roofline will also appear tidier post-installation.

An added advantage of uPVC cladding is evidenced by the lack of maintenance needed to keep it clean. Timber requires frequent treatment to prevent it from perishing, while uPVC requires only a simple wipe down with a cloth. This saves time and cost and repays the investment in the roofline many times over.

Protect Your Roofline with Fascias

As with cladding, a fascia is often of wood construction. Built to secure and conceal the ends of a roof rafter, it also protects the line of a roof by preventing birds or other vermin from nesting in it. Fascias occupy a prominent position within the roofline, which means damage to it will be visible to visitors or passers-by.

Homeowners are sometimes tempted to cover their redundant fascias with a uPVC replacement. This is not advisable, as the concealed version will continue to degrade. It is better to replace the offending fascia and prevent the time-consuming and expensive issue from occurring later. Ask about our  fascias when you call.

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Invest in Some Brand-New Soffits & Guttering

Soffits are prone to damage in the same way as cladding and fascias. A soffit pins itself to the under section of the roofline and, if properly functioning, will prevent water from penetrating into the ends of the rafter. Rotting is fully preventable – and longevity assured – when a uPVC soffit is installed by Style Superior.

Guttering which is poorly secured will cause a host of problems. It can cause soil erosion and contribute to the deteriorating of the fascia boards. If your guttering is failing, we can replace it with an up-to-date and fully functioning product that will add value to your home or conservatory, rather than detracting from it.

If your guttering isn’t performing as it should, we’ll be able to find out why. It could be an issue with the installation. For example, there might be a gap between the gutter and the fascia board, which is providing a means of escape for rainwater. Alternatively, the deterioration could be due to the age of the product.

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The Expertise to Help

Style Superior will be able to review your roofline and provide you with honest guidance concerning the next best step. We can replace your guttering, fascias or soffits in isolation, or renovate the entire section within stipulated building regulations guidelines.

Your new roofline will be long-lasting, improve the appearance of your home, and save you money by preventing fully-avoidable problems from manifesting. It will be installed quickly and efficiently, to your complete specification and within your budget.

When contacting us about your roofline, please ask about our complete range of double glazing services, which includes windows, doors, conservatories and carports. We would be happy to provide quotes for these products in addition to your roofline.

With three decades of experience in the double glazing industry, Style Superior is well-positioned to renovate your roofline and help with any other aspect of your home improvements. Please contact us directly for more information or request a free online quote.

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