Carports Provide Safety

Storing your vehicle under a carport protects it from damaging weather conditions. This means its paintwork won’t fade in response to sunlight or rust due to continued exposure to rain, sleet or snow. This covering, therefore, protects your vehicle – which is, arguably, one of the most important investments you’ll have made.

Carports are typically sited close to the entrance to a home. At night time, this is especially beneficial. Rather than walking the length of your driveway to reach your front door, you’ll be just a few steps away. You’ll feel safer and more secure once your brand-new carport has been installed. Contact us for more details.

Suitable for Any Vehicle

Despite their misleading name, carports suit more than just cars. Homeowners needing a safe place to park their van or motorbike will benefit in equal measure from the range of benefits that come with this structure as standard. Their application can sometimes be extended to accommodate larger vehicles with trailers.

A carport can also deter would-be burglars. Because your vehicle is sited closer to your home, intruders will be less inclined to risk stealing your vehicle – as they are more likely to be noticed. From a practical point of view, investing in a carport is a cost-effective way of ensuring one of your most valuable possessions.

There is no downside to investing in a carport. From every possible angle, it provides security by making the journey to or from a car safer while dissuading potential intruders or vandals from stealing or damaging your vehicle. They don’t need to be expensive either, as you’ll discover when you use our free quoting tool.



Carports Provide Additional Storage

Although carports are primarily designed to house vehicles, their purpose can be multi-functional. Homeowners in need of additional storage space can use their structure as a silo for storing items that cannot be stowed away elsewhere within their property. You’ll be able to create additional room when you choose this option.

Regarding storage, carports can – depending on the amount of space available – house more than one vehicle. Boats, trailers and motorbikes can be additionally sited beneath the covering if no garage is available or exists, but is too small. You’ll be able to save space when you ask Style Interiors to install a carport next to your home.



A Range of Other Benefits

Carports can serve more than one purposed. Primarily designed to house and shelter a vehicle, they can also double-up as a shaded area that provides protection from the sun during spring and summer. This means you can sit outside in comfort and enjoy the weather, even if your property doesn’t have a porch.

In most cases, a carport won’t contain doors. Its intrinsic lack of boundaries makes travelling to and from a vehicle with heavy shopping bags or boxes less arduous. Investing in a carport will make your life more convenient – while also supplying you with an additional space that can be used for other purposes.

Prospective buyers will recognise the advantages of a carport – especially if the home in question does not have a garage. You’ll add immediate market value to your property when you ask Style Interiors to install a carport and, in the meantime, will be able to enjoy the wide range of benefits that it provides.


Find Out More

The installation of your structure won’t take long and will be built to conform in full with existing building regulations. As work progresses, we’ll keep in close contact – meaning you’ll be kept fully informed of progress at each stage. Our team will also be on-hand to answer any questions if you need to call us.

If you are refurbishing your home, we can introduce you to a range of products, including aluminium windows, uPVC doors and conservatories. When you contact us for a quote, we’ll also be able to provide in-depth guidance on a range of other home improvement matters too – so please get in touch  for advice.

A covered area like this will shield your vehicle from the weather, protect it from theft, and add practical value through the provision of a multi-functional space that can be used to house more than just a car, motorbike or van. If you’d like to talk to us directly about, please call your local branch for advice and prices.

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