Orangeries for Every Norfolk Home

If you’re looking for a modern and practical way to extend your living space in Thetford, then look no further than one of our orangeries. Here at Style Superior, we install a high quality range of bespoke orangeries, allowing you to have the perfect new social space for you and your family. They are a superb option for homeowners looking for something different to a traditional conservatory.

Orangeries are defined by having more significant brick walls, rather than the dwarf walls most associated with a conservatory. With this, you lose the wide-spanning glass panels but gain an enhanced standard of home privacy and room-like appeal. This is why our orangeries can be used for a multitude of different purposes.

However, orangeries will still be filled with natural light, as they are fitted with double-hipped glazed roofs that allow them to feel bright and airy during the summer months. Improved structural integrity means that they can be fitted with large external doors, including three-panel patio doors and even aluminium bi-folds. With this, you’re left with the perfect middle-ground.



Multipurpose Usage

Orangeries can be used for a multitude of different purposes. This makes them one of the more versatile extension styles on the market today, which goes some way to explaining why they have become such a popular renovation option here in Thetford, Norfolk and surrounding areas. They will feel like a true extension of your home, as you’ll be able to enjoy them as much as any other social space.

When installing wide-spanning external doors, your orangery will feel connected to your garden, allowing the two to seamlessly blend during the summer months. During winter, the room-like appeal will help it feel cosy. The larger brick walls will provide it with a heightened level of privacy, allowing you to feel fully comfortable as you relax in your extension.

The most popular way to use one of our orangeries is as a secondary social space for you and your family to enjoy. However, to maximise your extension and make your home feel roomier, they can function as something in their own right. An orangery can be used as your home’s primary dining area, as an office, or even converted into a kitchen. 

Energy Efficient Orangeries

Our orangeries have been designed to be thermally efficient at all times. During winter, the extension will remain at the optimal temperature, even during the coldest of nights. It will heat up like any other room in your house, meaning you may not need to have your heating on as high. The roof system, double glazing and insulating columns will work in harmony to achieve this.

During summer, ventilation enhancements will work to make sure that our orangeries don’t become overly stuffy. Integral systems are fitted to and beneath the roofline, working to filter air in and out of the extension. This prevents the build up of condensation that comes with an overly stuffy orangery or conservatory. The ventilation can also be aided with large external doors, such as bi-folds.

With this, an orangery can be used all through the year, while never being at an uncomfortable temperature. This allows you to maximise the usage you get from your new extension, rather than it instead being used on special occasions. With this, your home in Norfolk will begin to feel much roomier, with your orangery feeling like a true extension of your home.

Orangeries Thetford

Improved Kerb Appeal

Installing one of Style Superior’s orangeries is one sure fire away to improve the kerb appeal of any home. This is where your home becomes much more appealing to potential homebuyers, allowing for a spike in market value and demand. As a result, you could easily see a return on investment when you invest in one of these extensions.

Homebuyers will be attracted to a stunning, functional orangery that is designed for the future. On the flip side, old, outdated conservatories can put people off investing in a property. As a result, investing in a new orangery could prove to be a fantastic long term investment, if the time does come over the next few years to sell your home and move.

Orangeries Thetford

Orangeries Prices Norfolk

If you’re interested in getting free prices for one of our orangeries, then use our online quoting engine today. You can specify the exact dimensions of your desired extension, allowing you to get a quote that is both fast and accurate.

Alternatively, you can contact Style Superior directly to get an orangery quote over the phone. We will also be happy to answer questions you have about our services across Norwich and Norfolk. Either leave your details on our online form or call us today on 01842 813 233.

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