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Suitable for Anywhere

uPVC stable doors will add value wherever they’re sited. Traditionally, they tend to have been installed at the rear of a property. That’s because each panel in the door can be operated separately, which means access into and out of the home can be controlled – a feature that’s ideal for parents with young children.

It’s not uncommon for uPVC stable doors to function as front entrances these days. uPVC can be coloured to replicate the appearance of timber, lending the door in question an authentic and authoritative look that will impress visitors. Its multi-functional design will also provide plenty of ventilation.

When fully- or half-opened, your uPVC stable doors will keep your home cool. This makes them an asset during the warmer spring and summer months when you are more likely to be entertaining friends or family. At all other times, this style of door will trap heat inside and stop the damaging ingress of cold air.

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Superb Security as Standard

Stay protected with high-performing uPVC stable doors that are fitted with industry-leading security mechanisms as standard. You won’t need to worry about opportunists attempting illegal access to your home, as your newly installed product will stop them in their tracks. All year round – and even when you’re away from home – they’ll keep you and your family safe.

The uPVC stable doors we install for our customers are built by Sternfenster, using Deceuninck’s Industry leading uPVC profile. The ingenious profiles built by this recognised and well-respected manufacturer boast interlocking door bolts that join both sashes and include multi-point locking systems. These two clever features adroitly work alongside one other to provide homes with almost unrivalled levels of protection.

You may not be surprised to hear, therefore, that our uPVC stable doors meet all required industry standards and regulations. In fact, they often exceed them.  This product range meets the exacting requirements laid down by Secure by Design guidelines to deliver outstanding levels of security when certain product enhancements are chosen. Ask us for more details.

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A Warmer, More Comfortable Home

When the colder weather arrives, you’ll want to stay warm. Your uPVC stable doors will be solidly built and incorporate technology designed to trap heat within your home. By creating an almost impassable thermal barrier – and, at the same time, preventing the ingress of cold air – your Deceuninck stable doors will contribute toward the creation of a perfectly balanced internal climate so that you can relax in complete comfort.

These thermally efficient doors will produce lower U-value scores. Because less hot air will be able to transfer through them, you’ll be able to turn down the heating. Your uPVC stable doors will save you money in the long-term, making them an extremely cost-efficient purchase. You’ll be pleased to hear that your newly installed product will benefit the environment, as your carbon output will be much lower with this type of door.

Traditional or Contemporary uPVC Stable Doors? 

Style Superior’s range of Deceuninck uPVC stable doors isn’t just practical. Although they provide exceptional levels of security and thermal efficiency, this high-performing range of products can also be tailored to align with the architectural design – and existing stylistic themes – of your home, which means your doors will blend in seamlessly.

If you want your uPVC stable doors to look traditional, simply select from our beautiful array of woodgrain foil options. The finished effect will mirror the look and texture of a wooden door, so much so that visitors to your home will struggle to tell the difference. A more contemporary design can be achieved by choosing from a selection of RAL colours.

You can accessorise your uPVC stable doors by browsing through our range of ancillary products. A wide choice of handle options are available – ranging from gold and bronze, through to satin silver and antique black – and you’ll be able to further embellish the design of your new door by adding other products from our range, including letterboxes.

How to Adjust Door Height: Installation Guide

Would You Like to Know More?

uPVC stable doors aren’t the only Deceuninck products we sell. We also have an exciting range of doors to show you, including uPVC residential doors and uPVC French doors. You’ll be able to achieve a consistent design for your home improvement project by thematically linking your products together this way, so please feel free to ask us about our Deceuninck range when you contact us. Alternatively, you can get uPVC stable doors prices online easily when you use our free quotation tool.

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