A Stunning Addition to Your Home

A perfectly designed porch adds visual value. It is the first thing visitors to a home will see, which is why it’s important to invest in a design that’s fully-appropriate to the property in question. Porches that tie-in with the architectural features and design schemes of a property will add outstanding aesthetic value.

Porches are wonderful frontispieces capable of immediately enlivening a home and making it more attractive – both visually and monetarily. Prospective buyers will be attracted to the design quality of a new porch and the practical benefits it provides. Contact our expert team for prices and technical guidance today.

Create Space

Porches look stunning when designed and installed properly. They also provide an additional benefit, in that they create extra space. When visitors arrive, they will be provided with an area within which to hang or rack their coats and shoes. Other objects can be temporarily stowed in the porch as and when required too.

An often-unrecognised benefit of porches is their ability to keep homes warm. Fitted with energy-efficient doors and windows, they act as a thermal barrier that locks in heat and blocks the ingress of cold air. This means cold drafts won’t enter the living space when the door opens; instead, the interior will remain warm.

Because they act as a buffer to keep in heat, porches reduce energy costs. By keeping a home’s internal environment temperate, they noticeably drive down heating costs. From an ecological perspective, porches will reduce a property’s carbon footprint – so there is a range of benefits associated with investing in one.


A More Secure Home

Porches make homes more secure. Would-be intruders seeking access to a property will have to bypass two doors instead of just one. The accompanying doors and windows Style Superior installs are fitted with the latest security technology – so would-be intruders will struggle to bypass the mechanisms.

The installation process affects a porch’s security capacity. Style Superior takes infinite care when constructing porches – and associated double glazing products, like windows and doors – to ensure a perfect fit. To find out more about the protection our porches provide, call us or request a free online quote.

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Suitable for All Types of Property

The versatile design of porches makes them an ideal investment. They can be scaled to fit a range of properties – from terraced houses through to sprawling country piles. Similarly, their aesthetic design can be tailored to suit the style requirements of individual homeowners, resulting in a bespoke product that looks and performs as it should.

Homeowners looking to modernise their home will benefit from a new porch. Compliant with building regulations, it will work in line with the existing brickwork of their property so that t blends in. It will also be fitted with windows and doors of their choice that will complement the architectural style and chosen-schemes that they have decided to use.

Porches can also conform to classic styles. Style Superior’s uPVC windows and doors can be coated in a faux woodgrain foil that mimics the look of timber. This traditional effect can then continue the classic trend defined by the property’s architecture but at a fraction of the cost of wood, which is 30% more expensive than uPVC and harder to maintain.


Choose Style Superior for Your Home Improvements

With a diverse portfolio of products at its disposal, Style Superior can respond to the requirements of any homeowner – whatever the scale of their project and regardless of the size, shape and age of their property. We have an in-depth understanding of porches and work closely with our customers to discover their design objectives.

Our range of double glazing products includes aluminium windows, which look contemporary and are a popular choice for homeowners looking for modern design ideas. The uPVC products listed on our website are high-performing and can be tailored to suit individual needs. Contact the Style Superior team for more information today.

Style Superior’s quoting tool offers its customers a quick and easy way to obtain low prices for porches. Once the required fields have been completed, an instant quote is generated that can be retained for comparison purposes. The application can be used to retrieve costs for different products, enabling homeowners to price their project accordingly.

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