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Why choose aluminium doors? This material comes armed with a range of benefits that are cost-saving and cost-effective. They are also aesthetically outstanding. Aluminium French doors suit smaller openings, making them an ideal accompaniment for conservatories. Similarly, aluminium entrance doors function as superb frontispieces.

Aluminium is an incredibly strong material. Less of it is needed to provide structural strength, resulting in designs that boast a high glass-to-frame ratio. Whichever aluminium doors you end up choosing, you’ll benefit from almost unbroken views of the outside and beautiful sightlines that are bound to catch the attention of anyone passing by.

Because aluminium is inherently flexible, a range of new designs become possible. Aluminium French doors can, for example, be built to a format that’s wider and taller compared to equivalent products built using different materials. Similarly, your aluminium entrance doors will look elegant and stylish due to their minimalist profile.

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Safe and Secure Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are strong in more ways than one. Unlike wooden doors, they won’t be prone to corrosion or warping, which might otherwise be precipitated by adverse weather conditions. This means you’ll be able to rely on the structural integrity of your new product to provide you with lasting protection from the elements.

Security is just as important as style. Poorly installed aluminium doors sited at the rear of your property will leave your home vulnerable to attack. Because most break-ins are attempted through the front of the home, it’s equally important to invest in front doors capable of withstanding impacts and repeated attempts to gain entry.

Whether you want to site aluminium French doors at the back of your property – or want to invest in brand new aluminium entrance doors – you’ll be able to depend on the innovative locks and hinges incorporated into each profile. Our aluminium doors also meet all industry and regulatory requirements for your peace-of-mind.

Stay Warm with New Aluminium Doors

The front and rear sections of your home will be equally exposed to the elements during colder weather. Doors that were fitted badly – or have deteriorated with age – won’t prevent the damaging ingress of cold air. This will give rise to a range of damp-related problems, like mould and condensation, which will be expensive and time-consuming to fix and make your home or conservatory less energy efficient. Aluminium doors will prevent these issues from occurring.

Style Superior’s range of aluminium doors are weathertight and will stop wind and water from entering your interior spaces. The thermally broken profile incorporated into each product will also act as a barrier that prevents warm air from escaping. Your newly installed aluminium doors will make your home habitable all year round – which means you’ll be able to relax in comfort or entertain friends without worrying about the temperature of your home.

Aluminium doors add value by lowering a home’s running cost. You won’t need to rely solely on your heating during spring or summer evenings, as your high-value product will trap organic heat generated by the sun. During colder periods, any warmth generated by your radiators will be similarly retained within the boundaries of your property.

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Choosing the Right Glass for Your Aluminium Doors

Aluminium French doors are suitable for smaller openings. They are frequently used as a transition point to connect a home or conservatory to a garden. This means they are often directly exposed to the elements. The same applies to aluminium entrance doors, which must face the heavy onslaught of British weather.

Style Superior will help you choose double glazing that best complements your aluminium doors. Glass accounts for 80% of a French door’s surface, for example, so it’s important to invest in glazing that’s thermally efficient. A range of options is available, each of which will substantially reduce the U-value of your product.

Whether you opt for double or triple glazing, your aluminium doors will block most heat from escaping. By working in close tandem with the thermally broken profile in your French or entrance door, the glass will make your home a warmer and more comfortable place to be and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Our aluminium doors are built by Smart Systems, a well-respected manufacturer that’s recognised for its innovative designs. Style Superior can also supply aluminium windows to ensure continuity of design for your home improvement project. Find out more by contacting us or using our online quoting tool to generate free aluminium doors prices.


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