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Seamlessly Connect Your Spaces  

Join your living space or conservatory to your garden with our high-performing uPVC French doors. When fully opened, your doors will perfectly frame your garden or outside area. The sheer versatility of its design means it can conform to either an in- or out-swing design depending on your preferences. Practical and stunning to look at, your new uPVC French doors will add measurable market value to your home.

uPVC French doors act as superb transitional points that can be used to introduce your home to the outside. They can act as a segue that joins a kitchen to a conservatory, or an extension to a garden. A wide range of combinations is possible. The inherent flexibility of its design – it can be built to fold inward to save space – means visitors will be able to pass back and forth freely. uPVC French doors add value.

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Stay Cool During Summer and Warm During Winter

Whatever the weather, your high-performing uPVC French doors will turn your interior space into a habitable environment that can be used 24/7. During colder periods, your weather sealed doors will function as an impermeable barrier that will prevent the damaging ingress of cold air and water, which could otherwise give rise to a host of damp-related issues, like mould and condensation.

During spring and summer, uPVC French doors can be fully opened to the elements to allow cool breezes to pass through your living space. This provides superb ventilation to ensure your home is never too hot or cold. Your energy-efficient home will be less expensive to run, and you’ll benefit from a reduced carbon footprint, which means your new doors will be ecologically friendly.

uPVC French Doors Designed to Suit Your Home

The aesthetic design of your new uPVC French doors matters just as much as the range of practical benefits they will bring. You’ll be able to enjoy the classic look of a wooden door when you choose Style Superior to install your new doors because each one can be customised to suit your stylistic requirements.

The uPVC French doors we install for our customers are built using Deceuninck’s uPVC profile. This industry-leading manufacturer is recognised for its innovation and the lasting quality of its products. You’ll be able to tailor your door by choosing from a broad spectrum of colours and woodgrain foiling options that mimic the look of wood.

Why choose uPVC French doors when you can have timber? The classic look of wooden doors makes them a much-coveted item. Over time, though, they will warp within the frame and rot if not frequently maintained. Timber doors are 30% more expensive than their uPVC counterparts, so will cost you more.

Our uPVC French doors look just like timber, but without the added cost. uPVC is easier to maintain and clean than wood, requiring nothing more than an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to keep it looking vibrant. Find out more about this exciting range by contacting us for further information.

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Superb Security, A Range of Possibilities

Each Deceuninck uPVC French door is built using a 70mm frame that encases especially-toughened glass sealed units that span 28mm. When combined with the handle operated shootbolts and multi-point mechanisms incorporated into its profile, this style of door provides enviable levels of security that most intruders will struggle to bypass.

Homeowners looking for a complete range of double glazing products to fulfil their home improvement project won’t be disappointed. Style Superior offers a range of Deceuninck uPVC doors and windows that can be installed to provide superb continuity of design throughout your home or conservatory, resulting in a consistent look.

Style Superior’s installation team fits uPVC French doors for customers with varying needs on a regular basis. They will be able to respond to the demands of your project, no matter how complex or large in scale it might be. Our on-site team will also be able to offer you support and guidance while work is ongoing and beyond.

Contact us today for initial advice about our uPVC French doors and any other product listed on our website. You can call your local branch directly or send our team a message to request a callback. If you want some no-obligation uPVC French door prices, please our free quoting tool to provide some further details and get instant guideline costs.

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