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It’s Time to Open Up Your Home

uPVC patio doors slide effortlessly back and forth along a designated rail designed to allow uninterrupted motion. The easy operation of this door design makes it a popular choice for homeowners – not least of all because it can be fully opened to create a wide aperture that allows people to cross the threshold fluidly.

Because uPVC patio doors aren’t restricted by their movement, they allow in an abundance of natural air. This is especially beneficial if someone is entertaining, as guests can sit and enjoy views of the outside while enjoying a cooling breeze. When opened to their widest extent, uPVC doors provide superb ventilation for homes as well.

Our uPVC patio doors look stunning. But they can also be customised to suit homeowners’ differing needs. Explore our exciting array of colours, foils and accessories to uncover design possibilities you never thought possible. Your newly installed uPVC patio doors will tie-in perfectly with the architectural appearance of your home.

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Our uPVC Doors Will Protect Your Home From The Weather

During those cold and dark months so intrinsically a part of British autumn and winter, your uPVC patio doors will keep you safe and warm. Optimally manufactured to capture heat and trap it inside where it belongs, your high-performing door will save you money on your heating bills and work tirelessly to block the ingress of cold air that would otherwise give rise a host of unwanted problems – like condensation and mould.

Our strong and sturdy uPVC patio doors won’t be deterred by the difficult weather. Rain, sleet and high winds will fail to make a dent in the hard-wearing exterior of your new patio door, which won’t rot, warp or break. Superb acoustics will work in harmony with the weatherproof exterior to create an internal environment that’s not just comfortable, but peaceful too. Why not contact us for more information about our stunning doors?

Easy to Install, Easy to Enjoy

Our uPVC patio doors are designed and manufactured by Sternfenster a company recognised for the build quality of its doors and windows. The profile in each one has been deliberately designed to make fitting each patio door as quick and easy as possible, which means it won’t take long for Style Superior to complete the required work at your home.

The ingenious design of our uPVC patio doors makes them easy to operate. Your newly installed product will be fitted with the latest safety mechanisms too so that anyone opening or closing it will be able to do so without the risk of injury.

Secure, Warm and Extremely Accessible

Whether you are at home or away, you want peace of mind that your uPVC patio doors are providing the level of protection needed to repel attempts by intruders to gain entry. Our Deceuninck range of doors meet the stringent guidelines needed to be awarded PAS 24 accreditation and are fitted with Yale locking mechanisms. As a result, they have also been awarded Secure by Design status and provide levels of protection fully endorsed by the UK Police.

When relaxing at home, you’ll be able to take comfort from the fact that your brand-new uPVC doors are keeping you and your family safe. The A+ energy rating they return makes them a superb investment too. Your patio doors will make your home a more comfortable place to spend time, and save you money by harnessing natural sunlight and preventing it from escaping. uPVC patio doors will make your home more cost-effective to run in the long-term.

Improve access to your living area with our uPVC patio doors, which can be modified to suit the needs of anyone who lives in – or comes to visit you at – your home. The profile of your door can be modified so that it is Part M compliant, resulting in a lower threshold that will enable anyone to enter or leave your home without difficulty. Our extremely practical patio doors can also be coloured, foiled and accessorised, so that they agree with your design requirements.

How to Adjust Door Height: Installation Guide

How Can We Help?

To find out more about our Deceuninck range of uPVC patio doors, please request a call back by sending a message to our team via our website. If you need guideline prices, please visit our free quoting tool and enter some details about the product in question.

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