Composite Doors

A Perfect Combination of Power and Aesthetics

The strength of our composite doors means they’ll be an asset for your home. Built to an industry-leading specification, they’re designed to last and withstand the force of any severe or sudden impacts. From a security perspective alone, they will provide ample protection against any would-be intruders.

The structural resilience of our composite doors is possible thanks to the combination of a robust sub-frame and Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) that adheres to it. The central section of the composite door is then filled until it’s replete with polyurethane foam that makes its profile stronger and more thermally efficient.

Although our range of composite doors is strong, they’re not just practical. When selecting your preferred design, you’ll be introduced to a 12-strong colour palette that will empower you to make a style choice that fully-aligns with the architectural features of your property and any current or proposed colour-schemes.

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Composite Doors Manufactured to the Highest Standards

We’ve carefully selected Rocal Endurance as our manufacturing partner. This recognised UK-based family business is recognised throughout Europe as a leader in their field, so you can depend on the technology incorporated into the profile of your composite door to provide outstanding security, weatherproofing and thermal efficiency.

Acoustically, our composite doors will make your home quieter. External noises that might normally intrude into your home will be adroitly blocked out by the innovative structure of your brand-new entrance door. This is because they conform to Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class: 26d – and, minimally, Sound Transmission Class: 29db.

The intrinsic durability of our composite doors is underscored by the 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee that comes with each purchase as standard. Your new entryway will continue to provide superior protection against all types of weather – and any unauthorised attempts to access your home – for a long time into the future.

Homeowners want a product that provides practical value in addition to superb sightlines. The structural integrity of our composite doors aids in the creation of a thermal barrier that simultaneously prevents heat from escaping, while blocking the damaging ingress of cold air that could cause a range of damp-related problems later.

Get the Authentic Look of Timber at a Price You Can Afford

Classic or heritage properties that are constructed in part from timber will benefit from the design of our composite doors, which can be built to reproduce the classic appearance of timber. This effect is created by exposing the skins to a high-pressure moulding process that imprints a grain effect on the exterior.

Timber doors require extensive maintenance; else, when continually exposed to harsh weather, they can expand or rot. Our Rocal Endurance range of composite doors won’t yield to the elements and will present a pristine exterior to the world without any noticeable degradation to the profile in the long term.

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Better for You, Better for the Environment Too

Your entrance door will imbue your home with a noble aesthetic that will catch the attention of anyone who comes to visit. Its enduringly-strong profile will also reward you with superior weatherproofing and decrease your ever-burgeoning heating costs by ringfencing in the heat to keep you warm.

A new composite door will positively influence the effect your home has on the environment. Our stunning range return reassuringly low Global Warming Potential Ratings (GWP) – returning a score below five. This means you’ll benefit from a noticeably lower carbon footprint, while also saving money.

Have You Got a Question About Our Composite Doors?

Our experienced and qualified team of installers has an in-depth knowledge of composite doors. They would welcome the opportunity to answer any general or technical questions you have about our products or provide you with a free quote.

If you are embarking on a home improvement project, please visit some of our other product pages for further information. For example, we can install brand new windows, rooflines, porches or a conservatory at your home if so required.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail or use our online quotation tool to retrieve no-obligation composite doors prices. You can also send us a message via our contact page, in which case we’ll call you back urgently.

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