Aluminium Patio Doors

Make Your Home Accessible with Aluminium Patio Doors

Connecting a home to a garden or conservatory is easy with aluminium patio doors. This design of door slides vertically along a rail, which makes opening it to its fullest extent easy. You’ll be able to enjoy flawless views of the outside when your aluminium patio doors have been opened to the elements and entertain friends and family because your newly installed product will provide plenty of space for access.

Aluminium patio doors can be customised, just like their uPVC and timber counterparts. You’ll be able to browse a colour-rich portfolio of shades – and choose from a list of accessories and foils – when you sit down with an experienced member of our team to discuss your requirements. Your newly constructed aluminium patio doors will look as specified and complement the architectural layout and schemes of your home.

If a home is small, newly installed aluminium patio doors will create the illusion of space. That’s because aluminium is an extremely strong material. Less of it is needed, therefore, to ensure structural integrity. This means the door can be built using less frame and more glass, which invites more natural light into the interior to create a better sense of space.

Aluminium patio doors open up spaces and seamlessly connects them. They unite different areas of a home that might otherwise feel disconnected, while also providing it with an organic source of heat that precludes the need to rely on manual heating methods. Your home will feel lighter, brighter – and will be less expensive to run –  when you instruct Style Superior to install your brand-new aluminium patio doors.

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Keep the Weather at Bay with Aluminium Patio Doors

Harsh weather can, over a prolonged period, cause extensive damage to doors. When built out of wood, products like this will be prone to warping or rot when continually exposed to wind, rain and sleet if not properly maintained. Aluminium won’t corrode, expand or blister in response to environmental attacks. This means your aluminium patio doors will retain their bright colour and continue to function perfectly in the long-term.

Our aluminium patio doors will further protect your home by preventing heat from escaping. The profile in this design of door instead works to create a barrier that will trap natural warmth generated by sunlight, reducing your reliance on electricity to stay warm. Aside from the significant reduction in your heating bills – and your decreased carbon footprint – your internally balanced climate will stop damp-related problems from manifesting.

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The Protection You Need at a Cost You Can Afford

Although our aluminium patio doors are extremely easy to operate, even the most experienced of intruders will struggle to bypass the security technology incorporated into their profiles as standard. Manufactured to the highest levels by Smart Systems – and rigorously tested to ensure superior levels of performance – your newly installed product will comply with all relevant industry regulations and standards, enabling you to buy with complete peace of mind.

The strong performance of your new aluminium patio doors will be further evidenced by the superb Windows Energy Rating (WER) they provide. The U-value of your new doors – in other words, the rate at which heat escapes through their provided structure – will be lower compared to most other products on the market, and will work alongside other features incorporated into its profile to ensure you enjoy a range of practical and cost-effective benefits.

All of this means you’ll be able to relax, safe in the knowledge your aluminium patio doors are protecting you in more ways than one. The innovative locks and hinges included in your product will repel attempts by determined intruders to gain unauthorised entry to your home, while its energy-efficient profile will perform the same effect in reverse by stopping the outflow of heat – thereby protecting you from inflated utility bills that you’d prefer not to pay.

Combine Your Aluminium Doors with Matching Windows

Style Superior offers a suite of aluminium doors and windows. If you are about to commit to an extensive home improvement project, you’ll want your products to tie-in thematically for consistency’s sake. Explore our range of aluminium windows today for more information about how they can be combined with brand new aluminium patio doors to create a stunning visual effect and deliver outstanding levels of performance. You can also contact our experienced team with any questions or to obtain a free quote.

Smart Colour Options

Velour White

Frost White




Mars Red

Basque Red

Sienna Brown

Cocoa Brown

Chestnut Brown

Sliver Grey

Diamond Grey

Platinum Grey

Desert Grey

Antique Grey

Vulcan Black

Obsidian Black

Provence Green

Olive Green

Antique Green

Amazon Green

Steel Blue

Ocean Blue

Sky Blue

Burford White

Bibury Stream

Bath Stone

Fairford Tile

Slad Stone

Bourton Cream

Cheltenham Stone

Painswick Grey

Moreton Ground

Cotswold Green

Tetbury Field

Wotton Olive

Chedworth Green

Westonbirt Leaf

Stroud Sky


Gloss White




Dark Brown


Dark Grey

Anthracite Grey

Textured Anthracite

Dark Blue

Dark Green

Dark Red


Golden Beach

Gold Pearl


Silver Grey

Titanium Grey

Storm Grey

Steel Grey


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