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Formidably Strong uPVC Residential Doors

Almost 70% of break-ins are attempted through a home’s front door. Our uPVC residential doors are steel reinforced and use a complex combination of security locks and hinges that will keep you safe from intruders attempting to gain access. Your extremely robust entrance will be able to stand up to repeated impacts too, no matter how they’re caused.

Built by Sternfenster– a recognised leader in the manufacture of uPVC residential doors – your new product will comply with existing building regulations and any other relevant industry standards. The performance of your front door can be upgraded to include added extras capable of helping it achieve Secure by Design status, further improving your security.

Whether you choose to enhance the profile of your uPVC residential doors – by adding butt or flag hinges or anti-snap door barrels – you’ll still benefit from a robustly designed product that will outclass the performance of most other doors available on the market. Find out more about our high-performing uPVC residential doors by sending us a message.

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uPVC Residential Doors That Stand Out From The Crowd

We’d like to say it’s all in the design, but that would be to ignore the many practical benefits that come included with our uPVC residential doors as standard. Style does matter, though. That’s why it’s important to spend time choosing a design that will tie-in thematically with your existing schemes and complement the size, age and shape of your property.

Our uPVC residential doors will conform in full to your specifications. You will be able to choose from a broad spectrum of colouring options to ensure aesthetic continuity, and explore an array of exciting foil options that, when imprinted on your front door, will perfectly replicate the look of wood – resulting in a completed installation that looks authentic.

Wooden doors look stunning. But their colours will jade across time if they are neglected. The structural integrity of a wooden door will, likewise, return diminished performance unless a robust maintenance schedule is strictly adhered to. uPVC residential doors look and perform like traditional timber ones, but can be purchased at a cost that’s 30% lower.


Enjoy a Warmer Home – All Day, Every Day

A poorly installed entrance door will let in cold air and wind. This will have a detrimental effect on your living space, which will become colder and may be subjected to the manifestation of mould and condensation. These consuming problems will be bypassed when you choose from our range of thermally efficient uPVC residential doors.

A Deceuninck uPVC residential door will save you money by harnessing the natural benefits of sunlight and trapping it within your living space. This means you’ll have less reason to use your electricity, as the heat needed to keep your home warm will be supplied organically. Your new entrance door will be a cost-efficient purchase that saves you money.

Installing an entrance door will reduce the impact your home has on the environment. The weathertight structure that epitomises its design will work in close conjunction with its thermally broken profile, resulting in a suppressed output of carbon emissions. Your new uPVC residential doors will save you money and help the planet at the same time.

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Less Maintenance, More Time for Entertaining

Your newly installed front door will make a lasting impression on anyone who comes to visit. Because our uPVC residential doors require minimal maintenance to keep clean, you’ll have plenty of time to devote to more important things – like hosting dinner parties, or relaxing in your favourite chair while watching a film.

The Deceuninck range encompasses doors and windows. This means you’ll be able to thematically link your double glazing products to create a look that’s stylistically consistent. To explore the range of possibilities further, please visit our uPVC windows page. Each item listed can be built for you on a fully bespoke basis.

To discuss your home improvement requirements, please contact us by sending us a message or calling your local office. You can also obtain some free uPVC residential doors quotes by using our online design tool to enter information about your requirements. Whatever your aims, Style Superior will be able to help.

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