uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Enjoy Superb Protection From The Weather

Unlike their wooden equivalents, uPVC sliding sash windows won’t acquiesce to the harsh British weather. No extensive or ongoing maintenance will be needed to ensure their upkeep and prevent them from breaking. Instead of rotting or warping, your new uPVC sliding sash windows will retain their colour and continue performing long into the future.

The durability of our uPVC sliding sash windows is possible because of the innovative and industry-leading weather seals built into each profile. Your airtight window will stop harmful cold air from entering your home or conservatory to create an interior space that’s the perfect temperature all year round, leaving you to relax in comfort or entertain visitors.

The practical benefits that come as standard with Style Superior’s range of uPVC sliding sash windows won’t force you to compromise on aesthetics. Although this type of window delivers high levels of performance, it provides style in equal measure. You can also fine-tune the appearance of your product to agree with the schemes and layout of your home.

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Sliding Sash Windows Are The Perfect Fit For Your Home

We’ve spent time sourcing the very best uPVC sliding sash windows available on the market. Our research led to us choosing Deceuninck as our preferred provider of uPVC profile – a fully-established and recognised leader in their field. This means our uPVC sliding sash windows have been rigorously tested to ensure conformance to industry and building regulations and will provide you with levels of performance that meet – but, in most cases, exceed – recommended levels.

Although uPVC sliding sash windows look stunning in their natural state, they can also be rendered to your specification. Instead of extending your home improvement budget by 30% to incorporate wooden doors into your design schema, you’ll be able to choose from Style Superior’s expansive array of colouring and foil options. Your finished product will mimic the authentic appearance of timber in shade and texture, so much so that visitors will struggle to tell the difference.

Enjoy A Quieter And Much Warmer Home

uPVC sliding sash windows provide a range of practical benefits. Whether you’re relaxing in your home or conservatory, your acoustically-optimised product will block out harsh noises that might otherwise interrupt your quietude. Although uPVC sliding sash windows will add practical value to any home, they’re especially useful in cases where a property faces directly onto a road – or is situated at a busy junction.

Style Superior’s collection of uPVC sliding sash windows will protect you from a lot more than jarring noises. Each profile will come readily-equipped with security technology designed to stop intruders from gaining access. The innovative locks, bolts and hinges that characterise each door meet the standards outlined by PAS 24 requirements, which means they’ll provide your home with superior protection.

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Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Improve Your Energy Rating

By installing brand new uPVC sliding sash windows in your home, you’ll be able to take advantage of a range of benefits. By preventing heat leakage, your product will provide a lower U-Value and a Windows Energy Rating (WER) of A+ – depending on which glazing option you select.

Your thermally efficient uPVC sliding sash windows will reduce the size of your carbon footprint. This means your newly installed products will have a positive impact on the environment. Contact us for more information about the performance levels that come as standard with this range.

Achieve A Consistent Design With Deceuninck Windows And Doors

Style Superior is proud to offer its customers a complete range of uPVC Deceuninck products. If you are in the early stages of planning a home improvement project, talk to our experienced and knowledgeable team about your plans. They will be able to talk you through our portfolio of uPVC sliding sash windows, and explain the best way to implement your plans to ensure stylistic continuity throughout your home.

Invest in brand new uPVC sliding sash windows to uncover a range of benefits that will make your home lighter, brighter, safer and more secure. Our close attention to detail and extensive knowledge of Deceuninck products means we’ll install your windows perfectly the first time, resulting in a durable and high-performing product that’s protected by a manufacturer’s guarantee. Contact us for a free online quote.

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